We all need a little help from time to time!

If you are tired of feeling sick and tired then it may be time for you to clean up some of your karma cobwebs!

Karma Reading & Remedy sessions use Karma Astrology to identify your karmic registry and the resulting patterns running through the lives of you and your family. If you are experiencing suffering and difficulty it is likely the result of a karmic signature that you were born into this life with.

The thing about Karma is that it follows you wherever you go, to whatever you do, to whomever you are becoming. You cannot escape your karma as its signature will always be influencing you. The secret that many people don’t know is that you can learn your karmic profile and what you can do to start transforming karma into blessings.

Finally work to eliminate recurring problems from your life. Understanding this karmic registry can help you identify the reason behind your recurring problems in life.

As a Karma Astrologer, CocoKali will:

  • Teach you about the connection between Karma, Ancestral Inheritances and Previous Births
  • Confirm your karmic registries with birth chart verification
  • Help you understand karmic influences at work in your life in key areas such as family, career, business, finances, health, education, spirituality and relationships
  • Identify root causes of various problems and actions that increase the sufferings or diminish them
  • Identify remedies to help mitigate karmas in each area and to accelerate complete karmic purification


CocoKali also uses her experience in personal and spiritual development, the energy healing arts and sciences, business administration, human resources and beyond to coach the practical application of remedies and other success practices to aid clients personal and whole life transformations.

You'll leave each session with:

  • A Strategy for Clearing Stubborn Karma
  • An Action Plan for Transformation
  • A Positive Approach to Living a Great Life
  • A Partner and Support for Your Ongoing Journey
  • Knowledge of How You Can Control Your Destiny

A little something people are saying...

  • CocoKali

    The way you explained the matter created a whole new perspectives for me.
    And this is very important, because now is the right time to cope with it.


  • CocoKali

    During my Karma Reading and Remedies, I was very impressed with the knowledge and professionalism that CocoKali presented. I was surprised by the accuracy, and very excited to learn I could improve my life in so many aspects. CocoKali made me feel very comfortable during the session, and she is very thorough in her guidance. I feel much lighter because of the hope she's given me.

    Augusta, GA

  • CocoKali

    These readings are an awesome way of communicating issues in a neutral manner. CocoKali identifies issues in the family and perhaps yourself in a gentle and generous way. I'm very impressed with the depth of knowledge required to deliver this kind of reading. It is not frivolous or superficial, instead I found it very meaningful and impactful!

    Midpines, CA

  • CocoKali

    Recently I felt called to look at how the karma in my life was playing out to find out are there things blocking me that I'm not seeing. Cocokali's karma clearing was very illuminating. I saw connections between different aspects of my life and themes that I had not realized were connected before. I loved how she gave remedies and actions to do to make a shift and work with my karma. The reading felt very detailed and inclusive! Thanks so much!

    Soul Entrepreneur

  • CocoKali

    I hope this does justice for your work because it is super powerful!
    I’ve had two karma clearing sessions with Cocokali, and I am so grateful for her work.

    I now have a deeper understanding of now only how karma actually works, I also have the suggested remedies so that I can clear my own karma.

    The remedies she gave have been grounding for me, and I’m witnessing how there has been a huge shift in my energy. I’ve even had more clients come to my work that I am convinced are a result of doing this work with CocoKali.