Why Karma Card Readings?

CocoKali's Karma Card Readings are for you if you need a quick dose of clarity and focus to get back on track.  This is not your ordinary oracle card or tarot reading.  It's for personal development and spiritual development enthusiasts who finally want an answer to the age old trope,

"Is this all there is?"  "Am I stuck with this situation for life?"

Understanding your karma is the key to breaking destructive and hope reducing cycles.  Get unstuck by learning what karmas are at work and what practical things you can do to purify the karma and transform your life.  We're talking relationships, career, money, health, the whole shebang!

About Karma Card Readings

CocoKali has created a unique system of working with atrology cards, spirit guides and guardian angels to reveal to you answers to key questions.

  1. What karma needs your highest attention right now?
  2. What key life areas is it affecting most?
  3. Who do you need to be to resolve this karma?
  4. What kind of action is needed at present to make the most significant progress clearing this karma?
  5. What spiritual guide or avatar is most effective and available to help me with this matter?


  • What Key Life Areas Are Most Affected?
  • How Am I Getting In My Own Way?
  • Who Do I need to Be?
  • What is Right Action?
  • Get Clear on What's in Your Control
  • Gain a Karma Clearing Strategy for Improving Your Situation
  • Take Practical Action That Purifies Karma


lEARN WHAT KARMA IS RIPENING AND HOW TO PURIFY IT!  Improve your quality of life, relationships, finances, career, health and more using spiritual science and metaphysical technologies.  

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Let CocoKali and her jubilant spirit help you take charge of your destiny.

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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions people most frequently ask us:

How is a Karma Card Reading different from a Karma Reading & Remedies Session?

Karma Card Readings are a divination system using astrology oracle cards and psychic intuition to tap into the wisdom of divine guidance including spirit guides, gaurdian angels, ascended masters, etc. to reveal what you can do right now to start creating a better life for yourself.  No birht information is required to do this reading.


Karma Reading & Remedy Sessions are Astrology Readings.  They require your birth information to run your astrological chart.  The birth chart reveals information that is unique to you and your karmic signatures. CocoKali's experience and intuitive gifts helps her identify karmic remedies that are perfect for helping you achieve the 200% life!

Which Reading Should I Get First?

If your budget and time allow for you to get the Karma Reading & Remedies Session then start there.  You'll only need to get it the one time as it covers your DNA Karma footprint..  Then you can get card readings or VIP Coaching to help you when you need clarity, guidance, and nurturing.

If that's not possible then it is perfectly fine to start with the Karma Card Readings until you are able to the DNA Karma reading.

How Does it Compare to Tarot Readings?

An expert tarot reading will reveal your current karmic issues and potential outcomes based on the path you are on.  Your intuitive counselor may even be able to offer guidance to help you get the most out of the situation and course correct for better outcomes.

Working with karma is like training for a marathon instead of a sprint.  Karma Specialists are able to help you see what practices to implement to take charge of your destiny (not just immediate situations) and the benefits of any suggested practices so you aren't expected to blindly follow their guidance.  

How Frequently Should I Get a Karma Card Reading?

Karma Card Readings while less intense than a Karma Reading & Remedies Session still pretty power packed.  It is suggested to work with with a reading for at least a month, maybe even two or three depending on your personal process before scheduling another session.  Each call is recorded so you can replay the reading which usually reveals new insights every time you listen.  CocoKali also provides support to clients on WhatsApp when questions related to a reading arise in-between sessions.