CocoKali on Patreon

I set up a Patreon!  CocoKali on Patreon

I have been looking for a way to utilize technology to share what I know in support of helping other spiritual and personal development enthusiasts further along on the journey of life.  There are so many social media sites these days and they are necessary but we also need a way to offer focused support to those interested in and willing to support us as creators. The people at Patreon seem to understand this and I am grateful!

At the time that I am writing this I've yet to post my first piece of content on my Patreon site but have setup my different sponsor membership levels.  It is bright and shiny and new and full of promise!  

So I just want to let you know that I'll be posting my open letters here at, but maintain an extensive blog over on my Patreon site.  There you'll find articles that are free to the public as well as items available only as gifts to sponsors. Over time I aim to provide you with outpourings of love in the form of videos, audios, articles, courses and more.  Here are some highlights.

  • It's Just Karma Podcast
  • Group Karma Labs
  • Mindset Mastery Series
  • Karma Busting Education
  • Exclusive Invitations and Discounts

The beginning can be challenging because expectations are high while time is needed to implement, execute and deliver.  I hope you'll be patient with me and come back to see the progress that has been made and even better to support the cause by becoming a paid Bliss Blessings Sponsor so you can receive even more benefits!.

Love, CocoKali