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CocoKali, M.msc, CMC

Rebel-Luminary, Coach, Author, and Energy Medicine Enthusiast

Masters of Metaphysical Science, Trained Master Coach, Certified Ho’Oponopono Teacher, EFT Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher, Shamanic Practitioner, Chakra Therapist, Crystal Healer, Meditation Teacher, Credentialed Minister, Mantra Medicine, Action Advocate, Lover of Everyday Miracles, Bell Ringer, Kind (not the same as Nice), Passionate about Offering Practices, Might Have a Potty Mouth, Definite Netflix Addiction (…In Recovery), Wild About Crystals

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Rebel-Luminary Dearest,

I have a deep belief that it is every person’s birthright to be an individual, to come with quirks, passions and interest that are not required to be like everyone else’s. I have always believed this, but I have spent most of my life being convinced that the opposite is true. I have been in training since pre-school to choose compromise over assertion, to accommodate others rather than take care of my own needs, to look the part rather than let my creativity shine, and that when I do that thing, where I stand my ground, well, that’s really intimidating for others and I need to stop it if I am going to get anywhere in this world. I was taught to take it at the sacrifice of my essential self.

They were wrong. It took me more than 40 (erm 30) years to figure it out. Spirituality is GOOD and I don’t need to hide that part of myself. Energy Medicine WORKS and I don’t know why so many people are afraid of it or afraid to talk about it. Wearing different colored hair whenever I want is FUN and doesn’t make me any less smart, engaging, or effective in anything that I do. And most of all, listening to all the bad advice only made me unhappy, a chronic under-earner, and seriously off purpose for the first half of my life.

I was put on this earth to truth talk, uplift, and energize others on their path by opening myself up to have the Great Spirit work through me. I’m not special, each and every one of us has the ability but we forget and we have the connection trained out of us. I want to help you remember. I want to help you reconnect with your unique purpose, the thing that when you do it, Great Spirit flows through you and helps you become an agent of truth, light and love no matter your vocation. You can be an earth angel as a Teacher, Real Estate Agent, Mechanic, Store Clerk, Parent, Writer…the list never ends.

My story begins with one of physical, emotional and mental abuse. I had to unlearn the teachings of my youth about self-acceptance, personal power, possibility and so many other things. I learned that the energy of those early traumas had stayed with me for all those years and were secretly holding me back from living my purpose and tapping my fullest potential. I learned to use Energy Medicine tools to clear those imprints and traumas, to purify my karma, and to chart a new path for my life. I want to use them to help you do the same. It is past time that you were living your life as the real you, not the drone you send to work everyday. It is past time you were earning what you are worth, had relationships that fully support you, and were living your joy. I want for you what I was unable to give myself until I finally gave myself permission to be spiritual, sage, sarcastic, funny, energetic, assertive, firm, picky, dreamy, fierce, loving, kind, not nice, joyful, . . . simply me.

Love, CocoKali

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